In February of 2014 Major League Baseball began the first phase of it’s new iBeacon initiative installing thousands of the devices in stadiums all around the country. Some 28 ballparks have received over 100 beacons each in conjunction with a revamping of MLB’s At the Ballpark App. The move promises to make the the spaces easier to use and more interactive. New features include

  • Special offers, rewards and,  personalized history for ballparks visited
  • Streamlined check in for users of the app
  • Interactive concourse maps and directory, including food and drinks menus
  • Seat and experience upgrade functionality

The project has now entered phase two with Minnesota’s Target Field leading the initiative having nine separate attractions that users of the updated app can access. Along with the rollout the Twins performed a much needed upgrade of their in Stadium Wifi. As the app encounters various beacons it reaches out to the stadium’s wireless to pull in data – making demands on the system. Previously the stadium had only enough bandwidth to accomodate about a fourth of attendees.


The NFL has followed suit rolling out a limited number of iBeacons at MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl. MLB announced plans to roll out iBeacons to even more ballparks in 2015 and continues to add features and functionality.